Cyberduck Mountain Duck CLI


Version 4.9.0
25 Nov 2021

  • Feature Native support for Apple silicon (#11101)

Version 4.8.2
17 Nov 2021

  • Bugfix Skipped pending uploads when pausing synchronization
  • Bugfix Automatically pause synchronization when login is canceled
  • Bugfix Replacing file may cause empty permission set in ACL (S3)
  • Bugfix Failure authentication with PuTTY private key (SFTP) (#11887)
  • Bugfix Deleted folders still displayed with versioning enabled on bucket (Google Cloud Storage) (#11904)

Version 4.8.1
03 Nov 2021

  • Bugfix Favourite item in Finder sidebar not removed when quitting application (macOS)
  • Bugfix Crash when selecting alternate disk letter for bokmark (Windows)
  • Bugfix Sporadic missing read-only mode when opening Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Powerpoint file currently edited by other user in pseudo locking mode (macOS)
  • Bugfix Reduce number of file reads when opening file and checking against modifications on server
  • Bugfix Application may hang when attempting to open connection to unreachable server (Windows)

Version 4.8.0
28 Oct 2021

  • Feature Allow to manage additional connection profiles in Preferences (#10823)
  • Feature Retain modification date in metadata for uploads (Google Storage) (#11784)
  • Feature Retain modification date in metadata for uploads (S3) (#11784)
  • Feature New default connection profile (ownCloud)
  • Feature Detect valid receipt from Mac App Store (macOS)
  • Feature View and revert previous versions of file in versioned bucket (Google Cloud Storage)
  • Feature Support for PuTTY v3 key files (SFTP)
  • Feature Support public key authentication using certificates (SFTP)
  • Feature Support for PEM ASN.1 encoded private keys (SFTP)
  • Feature Support for host certificate keys handling @cert-authority in known_hosts (SFTP)
  • Feature Notification when synchronization is automatically paused or resumed caused by network reachability change
  • Bugfix Fails to use selected private key file outside of ~/.ssh folder (SFTP, Mac App Store) (#11782)
  • Bugfix Unable to delete folders (Google Cloud Storage) (#11808)
  • Bugfix Allow to set Glacier storage class (Google Cloud Storage) (#11521)
  • Bugfix Allow to delete trashed files (Google Drive) (#11816)
  • Bugfix Failed to overwrite upload of object with custom metadata (Google Cloud Storage) (#11781)
  • Bugfix Copying files requires permission to read bucket ACL (S3) (#11701)
  • Bugfix Create directory placeholders using default storage class (S3) (#11751)
  • Bugfix Create master key using default storage class (S3, Cryptomator) (#11751)
  • Bugfix Change default path for NextCloud connections to include username (#11787)
  • Bugfix Handle 412 Precondition Failed with expired token and retry with no `If` header set (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Cannot revert file in vault in versioned bucket (S3, Cryptomator)
  • Bugfix Failure overwriting file with placeholder only copy in local cache
  • Bugfix Wrong timestamps when no explicit timestamp is set and file is not synced (macOS)
  • Bugfix Always detect latest version from server when opening document (Microsoft Office)
  • Bugfix Corrupted file while saving password protected file from Microsoft Excel (macOS)
  • Bugfix The document cannot be saved error from Microsoft Powerpoint (macOS)

Version 4.7.2
26 Aug 2021

  • Feature Allow to copy URLs for CloudFront in context menu (S3)
  • Bugfix Unable to upload to buckets with uniform bucket-level access enabled (Google Storage) (#11766)
  • Bugfix Hang when browsing folders while indexing in background

Version 4.7.1
13 Aug 2021

  • Feature Allow override of protocol specific settings in connection profiles
  • Feature Support S3 interface endpoints (AWS PrivateLink for Amazon S3) (#11735)
  • Bugfix Improved performance when indexing files in background
  • Bugfix Unable to access team drive set as default path in bookmark (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Login failure with file transfers using multiple connections (FTP)

Version 4.7.0
15 Jul 2021

  • Feature Preference to set default storage class (Google Storage) (#11521)
  • Feature Preference to set default bucket region (Google Storage)
  • Feature Preference to set predefined set of grantees and permissions for new files (S3, Google Storage)
  • Feature Support to set predefined ACL bucket-owner-full-control (S3, Google Storage)
  • Bugfix Canceled upload to a vault can result in an undeletable folder (Cryptomator) (#11696)
  • Bugfix Updated .NET Framework Installer (Windows)
  • Bugfix Missing URLs in context menu
  • Bugfix Pseudo locking occasionally not working with no "Read only" warning opening file in Microsoft Office (B2, OneDrive, Sharepoint)

Version 4.6.2
04 Jun 2021

  • Bugfix Failure when choosing to keep files offline (Windows)
  • Bugfix Interoperability failure with custom path set in bookmark (Sharepoint)

Version 4.6.1
31 May 2021

  • Bugfix Keep offline setting reset on file when saving file from some applications
  • Bugfix Delete instead of trash files from cache no longer found on server
  • Bugfix Prompt for region when creating new bucket (S3)
  • Bugfix Empty folder contents with site profile (Sharepoint)

Version 4.6.0
11 May 2021

  • Feature Segmented downloads with multiple connections per file
  • Feature Skip uploading newly created empty files to server in "Online" connect mode
  • Feature Notification when available disk space is lower than 100MB determined by quota on server
  • Feature Support cipher (SFTP) (#8554)
  • Feature Tremendously faster uploading folders with many files to vault (Cryptomator, OneDrive, Google Drive, Backblaze B2) (#10849)
  • Feature Substantially faster uploading folders with many files (OneDrive, Google Drive, Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Connect mode setting not preserved when editing bookmark (Windows)
  • Bugfix Support Elliptic Curve (EC) based client certificates for authentication (WebDAV, Windows)
  • Bugfix Root directory instead of user home mounted after first connection (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Ordering of URLs in context menu (S3)

Version 4.5.0
18 Mar 2021

  • Feature Dutch (Nederlands) Localization
  • Bugfix Failure renaming files (OneDrive, Sharepoint)
  • Bugfix Allow to copy URLs for multiple selected files using context menu
  • Bugfix Previously cached files may not immediately update with later version available from the server (macOS)
  • Bugfix Degraded system performance with open sync menu and many transfers in progress (macOS)
  • Bugfix Faster folder indexing in background
  • Bugfix Specific error message on quota failure in Finder (macOS)
  • Bugfix Refresh all observed folders in Finder when choosing Reload in context menu (macOS)
  • Bugfix Do not synchronize new folders created in Windows Explorer prior renaming (Windows)
  • Bugfix Failure to check for lock on server opening previously open document in "Online" connect mode
  • Bugfix Empty folder contents after reconnecting when offline in "Smart Synchronization" mode
  • Bugfix Reappearing previously removed folder

Version 4.4.2
26 Jan 2021

  • Bugfix Failure uploading large files with S3 compatible API (Backblaze B2) (#11233)
  • Bugfix Failure uploading large using legacy S3 compatible API (Google Cloud Storage) (#11547)
  • Bugfix MD5 mismatch error for uploads to Oracle Object Storage replacing object (#11548)
  • Bugfix Missing empty prefix parameter leads to permission error with IAM policy containing restriction on prefix (#11549)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Oracle Object Storage using path style requests (#10956, #11548)
  • Bugfix Failure listing files with shortcut pointing to deleted file (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Allow configuration of path for Nextcloud & ownCloud connections (#11540)
  • Bugfix Failure unlocking vaults on Google Storage (Cryptomator) (#11528)
  • Bugfix Fix SSL session reuse on data channel (FTP, Windows)

Version 4.4.1
15 Jan 2021

  • Bugfix Missing folders in directory listing (OneDrive, Sharepoint)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Tencent Cloud Object Storage (S3)
  • Bugfix No file size displayed for files (Google Drive)

Version 4.4.0
12 Jan 2021

  • Feature Search field in menu to allow filtering bookmarks
  • Feature Connecting to different libraries (SharePoint) (#11043)
  • Feature Default connection profile (Microsoft SharePoint Site) to connect so specific site (Sharepoint) (#10115, #11375)
  • Feature Create shared link for file (OneDrive, SharePoint) (#11373)
  • Feature Support for checkin and checkout of files when locking files (SharePoint)
  • Feature Updated toolbar icons in Preferencs window (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure renaming shared files (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Failure listing folders with OneNote documents (OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Failure setting modification date (SFTP, Windows)
  • Bugfix Error in Windows Explorer while copying file (SFTP, Windows)
  • Bugfix No attempt to authenticate using SSH agent (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Error -36 copying files in Finder (Backblaze B2, macOS)
  • Bugfix Allow accessing shortcuts for files and folders (Google Drive)

Version 4.3.3
14 Dec 2020

  • Bugfix Application freezes when synchronizing files (macOS, Apple M1)
  • Bugfix Missing progress report copying files with Windows Explorer in "Online" connect mode (Windows)
  • Bugfix Skip synchronizing temporary files from browser downloads (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

Version 4.3.2
03 Dec 2020

  • Feature Allow custom session duration for STS (S3)
  • Feature Support for PreferredAuthentications in OpenSSH configuration (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Lower threshold for filename shortening in cache when determined that long path name support is missing (Windows)
  • Bugfix Include port number when saving host key fingerprint (SFTP, Windows)

Version 4.3.1
19 Nov 2020

  • Bugfix Failure to upload files with file handle not closed by editor or file explorer (Windows)
  • Bugfix Failure connecting through jump server with alias in configuration for target host
  • Bugfix Bandwidth settings now also apply in "Online" connect mode

Version 4.3.0
10 Nov 2020

  • Feature Connect via SSH tunnel through bastion host with JumpHost configuration directive (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Notify file explorer of changes found in indexer for faster display of new files
  • Bugfix Accessing CloudFront and KMS configuration ignores ~/.aws/credentials
  • Bugfix Failure deleting folder placeholder in versioned bucket (S3)
  • Bugfix Server connection timeout when moving or duplicating large files (Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Certificate trust prompt regardless of override in keychain (macOS)
  • Bugfix Unable to connect to cn-north-1 (S3)
  • Bugfix Access shared files (OneDrive Business)
  • Bugfix Read external_id from AssumeRole configuration in ~/.aws/credentials (S3)

Version 4.2.3
30 Sep 2020

  • Feature Allow to set password for shared link of file (Dropbox, Nextcloud)
  • Bugfix Failure saving new Microsoft Office files with "File Locking" enabled
  • Bugfix Failure opening files in Online connect mode with "Enable Cache" disabled
  • Bugfix Missing folders with delete marker on placeholder for buckets with versioning enabled (S3)
  • Bugfix Failure writing multipart upload when saving file from editor using small write chunk sizes (S3)

Version 4.2.2
21 Sep 2020

  • Bugfix Failure copying large files in "Online" connect mode (macOS)
  • Bugfix Unable to authenticate using PuTTY Pageant (SFTP, Windows)
  • Bugfix Failure authenticating with proxy using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) authentication (WebDAV, Windows)
  • Bugfix Error saving new file with locking enabled (Microsoft Excel, Windows)

Version 4.2.1
15 Sep 2020

  • Bugfix Permission failure when trying to open file on failure determining free disk space (Windows)
  • Bugfix Context menu item to create new vault is disabled (Cryptomator)
  • Bugfix No document in use warning prompt with locking enabled (LibreOffice)

Version 4.2.0
10 Sep 2020

  • Feature Unlock and lock vaults using context menu option (Cryptomator)
  • Feature Open files in read-only mode when existing lock owner file is found (Microsoft Visio)
  • Feature Support for AES/GCM (, ciphers (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Crash opening Info panel from context menu (macOS)

Version 4.1.2
21 Aug 2020

  • Bugfix Error reading EdDSA host keys from OpenSSH known_hosts (macOS)

Version 4.1.1
20 Aug 2020

  • Bugfix Detect changes in saved bookmarks when edited in Cyberduck
  • Bugfix Missing files when connecting using keys restricted to single bucket (Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Empty folder contents when "Index Files" is enabled and connection to server is interrupted

Version 4.1.0
12 Aug 2020

  • Feature Interoperability with macOS 11
  • Bugfix Use STANDARD for default storage class (Google Storage)
  • Bugfix Switch to UTF-8 for encoding HTTP authentication header (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix SNI support for TLS connections (FTP)
  • Bugfix Handle formatting errors in ~/.aws/credentials (S3)
  • Bugfix Error moving file in to cache on local disk (Windows)

Version 4.0.1
01 Jul 2020

  • Bugfix Finder hangs when replacing a folder (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure to mount vault on local disk (Cryptomator, Windows)

Version 4.0.0 Paid Upgrade
18 Jun 2020

Please upgrade your license before updating. Existing customers get an upgrade discount between 40% to 100% depending on the date of purchase.

Press Release

  • Feature Show sync progress for current transfer in progress
  • Feature Show list of recently changed files on computer and server
  • Feature Show application that edited a file in file history (Windows)
  • Feature Lock files on server when opening for writing (WebDAV)
  • Feature Open files in read-only mode when existing lock owner file is found (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice)
  • Feature Open and revert previous versions of files in versioned buckets (S3)
  • Feature Labels for bookmarks (macOS)
  • Feature Group bookmarks by labels in menu (macOS)
  • Feature Preference for bookmark icon size in menu
  • Feature Login item added to list in System Preferences (macOS)
  • Feature Always detect latest version from server when opening document (Microsoft Office)
  • Feature Traditional Chinese (臺灣華語) Localization
  • Feature Turkish (Türkçe) Localization
  • Feature Croatian (hrvatski) Localization
  • Feature Latvian (Latviešu valoda) Localization
  • Feature Estonian (eesti keel) Localization

Version 3.4.0 27 May 2020

  • Feature Support to access team folders (Dropbox Business)
  • Feature Support for eu-south-1 (Milan), af-south-1 (Cape Town), ap-east-1 (Hong Kong), me-south-1 (Bahrain) regions (S3)
  • Feature Making requests to dual-stack endpoints (IPv6) (S3)
  • Feature Create new vaults in format 7 by default (Cryptomator) (#11040)
  • Bugfix Interoperabiltiy with Path to reveal mounted volumes (macOS)
  • Bugfix Display files with case sensitive difference in name (macOS)

Version 3.3.7 29 Apr 2020

  • Feature Support for shared files (OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Reduced memory usage (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure to display symbolic links (SFTP, Windows)

Version 3.3.6 31 Mar 2020

  • Bugfix Unable to access documents in Shared with me (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Immediate retry for failure with cached upload channel (Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Set timestamp with X-OC-Mtime header (Nextcloud, ownCloud)
  • Bugfix Default handler for FTP deleted from registry (Windows)
  • Bugfix Slow saving file from Microsoft Outlook (Windows)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Windows Folder Redirection Group Policy (Windows)
  • Bugfix Missing option to retry failed synchronization when copying many files
  • Bugfix Files not synced to vault (Cryptomator, S3)

Version 3.3.5 12 Feb 2020

macOS 10.12 or later required
  • Feature Support for TLS 1.3
  • Feature Support for vault format version 7 (Cryptomator)
  • Bugfix Access files with whitespace in filename (Google Storage)

Version 3.3.4 20 Jan 2020

  • Feature Korean (한국어) Localization
  • Feature Importer for bookmarks from Transmit 5 (macOS)
  • Feature Importer for bookmarks from Cloudmounter (macOS)
  • Bugfix Delete temporary files after copying in "Online" connect mode with "Enable cache" disabled in Preferences
  • Bugfix Sync does not continue (Failure polling worker queue)

Version 3.3.3 02 Jan 2020

  • Bugfix Error downloading files from Microsoft SharePoint (SharePoint Server 2016)
  • Bugfix Certificate trust validation error (Google Drive, macOS)

Version 3.3.2 18 Dec 2019

  • Bugfix Failure to mount volume after changing default path in bookmark (Windows)
  • Bugfix Do not open window in Windows Explorer when restoring mounts (Windows)
  • Bugfix Error saving files from Microsoft Access (Windows)
  • Bugfix Keep alert windows in front of other applications (Windows)
  • Bugfix Permissions reset when saving from Xcode (SFTP, macOS)
  • Bugfix Do not set public ACL for new files (S3)
  • Bugfix Cannot change cache location (Windows)
  • Bugfix Error "Location not available" after changing path in bookmark (Windows)
  • Bugfix Wrong total disk size (Google Drive, Onedrive)
  • Bugfix Cannot open link to documents in Google Docs (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Retry failed operation in online connect mode

Version 3.3.1 27 Nov 2019

  • Bugfix Failure to open application on Windows 7+ (Windows)
  • Bugfix Missing overlay icons in Finder (macOS)

Version 3.3.0 26 Nov 2019

  • Feature Quarantine files downloaded to cache (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure unmounting volumes on quit (macOS)
  • Bugfix File changed warning (Notepad++, Windows)
  • Bugfix Failure validating hostname when connecting through HTTP proxy
  • Bugfix Checksum x-amz-content-sha256 mismatch for upload to vault (Cryptomator, S3)
  • Bugfix Disallow use of cache location with unsupported file system format (Windows)

Version 3.2.3 29 Oct 2019

  • Bugfix Exclude files with Glacier storage class (S3)
  • Bugfix Keep windows in front of other applications (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure uploading large files (Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Folder showing no more than 1000 files (S3) (#10811)

Version 3.2.1 08 Oct 2019

  • Bugfix Cannot reveal file in Finder from notification (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure authenticating using SSH agent (SFTP) (#10800)
  • Bugfix Failure overwriting existing file (Google Storage)
  • Bugfix Cannot open connection profiles (.cyberduckprofile) (macOS)
  • Bugfix Missing hostname verification in TLS handshake when connecting through HTTP proxy
  • Bugfix Deleted folders visible when working with versioned buckets (S3)

Version 3.2.0 12 Sep 2019

Windows 7 or later (64-bit) required
  • Feature Application running as 64-bit (Windows)
  • Feature Application package is notarized (macOS)
  • Feature Support for me-south-1 (Bahrain) region (S3)
  • Bugfix Fails to authenticate where keyboard-interactive mechanism is not supported (SFTP) (#10714)
  • Bugfix Errors accessing Cryptomator vault (Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • Bugfix No route to host error with IPv6 only server (macOS)
  • Bugfix Unable to rename empty folder (MinIO, S3)
  • Bugfix Allow to access files with non printable characters in key name (S3))
  • Bugfix Use AWS4 signature for pre-signed URLs for AWS in region us-east-1 (S3))
  • Bugfix Rate limit number of requests (Google Drive) (#10103))
  • Bugfix Repeated prompt to validate host key when connecting to non standard port (SFTP) (10772))

Version 3.1.2 07 Aug 2019

  • Bugfix Missing sync status icons for files with Umlauts (macOS)
  • Bugfix Missing connection status in menu (macOS)
  • Bugfix Number of buckets displayed in browser limited to 1000 (Google Storage)

Version 3.1.1 26 Jul 2019

  • Bugfix Files not displayed with NFD Unicode normalization form in filename
  • Bugfix Failure authenticating with STS (S3, Credentials from AWS Security Token Service) (#10746)
  • Bugfix Display alerts as sheet of bookmark window if open (macOS)

Version 3.1.0 25 Jun 2019

  • Feature Notification for newly added when synchronizing folders
  • Feature Action in notification about changed files to allow reveal of file or folder
  • Feature Custom disk icon for favorite in Finder sidebar (macOS)
  • Feature Default protocol selection for NextCloud & ownCloud
  • Feature Create share links in NextCloud & ownCloud
  • Bugfix Resume synchronization on retry if paused
  • Bugfix Faster detection of files changed on server previously synchronized
  • Bugfix Faster detection of new files not previously synchronized
  • Bugfix Saving file in some applications does not immediately synchronize to server
  • Bugfix Icon display in tray when using light scheme (Windows)
  • Bugfix Connect with application key restricted to single bucket (Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Failure saving files from Xcode (macOS)
  • Bugfix Missing files when previously trashed and restored (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Exclude local cache from Time Machine backups (macOS)

Version 3.0.2 05 Jun 2019

  • Feature Japanese (日本語) Localization
  • Feature Notification on conflict when synchronizing files
  • Feature Add hostname and username to bookmarks in menu
  • Feature Support to rename files (Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Memory usage with indexer running

Version 3.0.1 Paid Upgrade
30 Apr 2019

Please upgrade your license before updating. Existing customers get an upgrade discount between 40% to 100% depending on the date of purchase.

macOS 10.11 or later required
Windows 7 or later required

Press Release

Like Dropbox for any cloud storage with smart synchronization. Files are synchronized to your local disk when opened to allow offline usage and changes are uploaded in the background as soon as a connection is available. You can also explicitly select files and folders available for offline use.

  • Feature Local cache of remote storage to work with when offline
  • Feature Explicitly select files or folders to be available offline using context menu
  • Feature Automatically add files to local cache for offline access when opened
  • Feature Immediate save of files in local cache with upload to remote storage in background
  • Feature Badge icons on files and folders with sync status
  • Feature Pulsating icon in status bar indicates background sync in progress
  • Feature Menu item to manually pause and resume background sync
  • Feature Option to enable background indexer to allow browsing folders when offline
  • Feature Custom disk icons for mounted volumes in Finder (macOS)
  • Feature Custom disk icons for mounted volumes in File Explorer (Windows)
  • Feature Use toast notifications (Windows)
  • Feature Allow password input in bookmark window
  • Feature Create download authorization for files to share (Backblaze B2)
  • Feature Make a file public and copy URL to share (Google Drive)
  • Feature Create temporary link (4 hours) for file to share (Dropbox)
  • Feature Create shared link for file (Microsoft OneDrive)
  • Feature Danish (Dansk) Localization
  • Feature Czech (Čeština) Localization
  • Feature Finnish (Suomen Kieli) Localization
  • Feature Polish (Polski) Localization
  • Feature Italian (Italiano) Localization
  • Feature Portuguese (Português, Brazilian) Localization
  • Feature Russian (Русский Язык) Localization
  • Feature Swedish (Svenska) Localization
  • Feature Chinese (汉语) Localization
  • Feature Hungarian (magyar nyelv) Localization

Version 2.7.2 19 Mar 2019

  • Bugfix Open Terminal (Windows)
  • Bugfix Access denied error opening files (WebDAV Microsoft-IIS)
  • Bugfix Unable to create vault (Windows, Cryptomator)
  • Bugfix Support auto-configuration from ~/.aws/credentials for AWS GovCloud and Amazon S3 China (S3)
  • Bugfix Login using temporary tokens from STS to AWS GovCloud (S3)
  • Bugfix Interoperability opening projects in Sublime Text (Windows)

Version 2.7.1 31 Jan 2019

  • Bugfix Failure using RSA/ECDSA private in new OpenSSH format
  • Bugfix Interoperability issue saving files from Eclipse IDE (Windows)

Version 2.7.0 16 Jan 2019

  • Feature Default connection profile for Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Bugfix Failure saving files from Adobe InDesign (macOS)
  • Bugfix Improve listing performance for versioned buckets (S3)
  • Bugfix Default buttons in alerts do not work with keyboard input (macOS)
  • Bugfix Invalid role session name with Credentials from AWS Security Token Service connection profile (S3)

Version 2.6.7 07 Nov 2018

  • Feature Improved performance when copying files from volume with random read offsets
  • Bugfix Failure running script in Terminal. Not authorized to send Apple events to Terminal (macOS)

Version 2.6.5 17 Oct 2018

  • Bugfix Failures transferring files (FTP)

Version 2.6.4 11 Oct 2018

  • Bugfix Failure opening
  • Bugfix Crash requesting trial version (macOS)
  • Bugfix Smart card insert prompt displayed when opening connection (Windows)

Version 2.6.3 21 Sep 2018

  • Feature Support dark mode (macOS Mojave)
  • Bugfix Slow directory listing with many files

Version 2.6.2 17 Aug 2018

  • Bugfix Unable to login (Backblaze B2)
  • Bugfix Uploads failing for Microsoft Office 365 Deutschland (OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Modification date not updated on server

Version 2.6.0 07 Aug 2018

  • Feature Transparently support role­based access, including cross­account using AWS Security Token Service (STS), configured in the standard AWS SDK credentials file (S3) (#8880)
  • Feature Prompt for an MFA token during authentication when specified in the profile from the standard AWS SDK credentials file (S3)
  • Feature Interoperability with Microsoft Office 365 Deutschland (OneDrive) (#10291)
  • Bugfix Allow configuration of charset in bookmark (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Failure creating new vault (Cryptomator, OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Missing modfiication date set on server

Version 2.5.2 21 Jun 2018

  • Bugfix Cannot write to shared folders (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Repeated prompt for private key (SFTP, Mac App Store)
  • Bugfix Authenticating with password protected ed25519 private key (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Incompatibility with macOS 10.13.6 beta
  • Bugfix Retain ACLs when saving files (S3)

Version 2.5.1 04 Jun 2018

  • Bugfix Crash attempting to add empty password to keychain (SFTP, macOS)

Version 2.5.0 30 May 2018

  • Feature Include shared items (OneDrive)
  • Feature Add support to login with Shared Access Signature (SAS) Token (Azure)
  • Feature Create and delete team drives (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Cannot create new vault in team drive (Google Drive, Cryptomator)
  • Bugfix Missing files in folders of vault (Google Drive, Cryptomator)
  • Bugfix Display of disk usage with no quota set on server (WebDAV)

Version 2.4.1 04 May 2018

  • Bugfix Missing signature on helper application in installer (Windows)

Version 2.4.0 01 May 2018

  • Feature Improved performance accessing many files in Finder (macOS)
  • Feature Updated filesystem drivers (Windows)
  • Bugfix Improved performance accessing vaults (Cryptomator)
  • Bugfix Error saving document from Microsoft Excel (macOS)
  • Bugfix Error saving document from Pages (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure copying many files in Finder (macOS)
  • Bugfix Saving file from Microsoft Word to vault fails on second attempt (Cryptomator, macOS)
  • Bugfix Finder resets working directory with umlaut in folder name (macOS)

Version 2.3.3 04 Apr 2018

  • Bugfix Fix use proxy configuration using PAC file (macOS)
  • Bugfix Disable extended master secret extension to allow session reuse for data connections (FTP-SSL)

Version 2.3.2 19 Mar 2018

  • Bugfix License key registration fails (Windows)

Version 2.3.1 17 Mar 2018

  • Feature Save passwords in credential manager (Windows)
  • Feature Copy pre-authenticated URLs to share files in Finder and Windows Explorer (Backblaze B2, OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Cannot edit ACLs and metadata in Info panel (macOS)
  • Bugfix Connecting to different local drive letters than C:\ (Local Disk, Windows)

Version 2.3.0 14 Feb 2018

  • Feature Support for Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) authentication (WebDAV, Windows)
  • Feature Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage (S3)
  • Bugfix Deny creation of symbolic link when not supported by native storage (macOS)
  • Bugfix Disconnected drive when failing to read file (Windows)
  • Bugfix Preserve modification date when writing file (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Preserve modification date when writing file (OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Occasional failure validating server certificate (Google Drive, Windows)
  • Bugfix Failure deleting folder (Google Team Drive)
  • Bugfix Do not save vault passphrase by default (Cryptomator)

Version 2.2.3 10 Jan 2018

  • Bugfix Crash on launch in update checker (Windows)

Version 2.2.2 10 Jan 2018

  • Feature Support authenticating with HTTP proxy
  • Bugfix Missing file in directory listing (macOS)
  • Bugfix Improved interoperability determining disk space (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Display of created date instead of modification date (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Interoperability issue saving files from Microsoft Project (Windows)
  • Bugfix Keep volume mounted on network failure

Version 2.2.1 13 Dec 2017

  • Bugfix Files with the same name as a file in the Trash are not displayed (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Interoperability issue saving files from Microsoft Excel (WebDAV, Windows)
  • Bugfix Interoperability issue saving files from Adobe Acrobat (WebDAV, Windows)
  • Bugfix Attempt to use mount point already in use (Windows)
  • Bugfix Improved interoperability determining disk space (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Failure setting modification date after writing file

Version 2.2.0 30 Nov 2017

  • Feature Support for Google Team Drives (Google Drive)
  • Feature Support for Joyent Triton Object Storage (Triton)
  • Feature Support for China (Beijing) region (S3)
  • Bugfix Slow directory listing in Finder (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure resolving symbolic links (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Allow custom endpoint with default connection profile (S3)
  • Bugfix Unnecessary password prompt for connection (Local Disk)
  • Bugfix Login where authentication is required with both password and one-time passcode (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Open and save files from Adobe InDesign (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure opening files in vault on disk with long filename (Cryptomator, Local Disk)

Version 2.1.0 30 Oct 2017

  • Feature Skip writing .DS_Store files to remote volume (macOS)
  • Feature Skip writing extended attributes files to remote volume (macOS)
  • Feature Skip writing temporary application files to remote volume
  • Bugfix Login where authentication is required with both password and public key method (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Failure saving files from applications writing temporary files with certain filename patterns (Dropbox)

Version 2.0.3 11 Oct 2017

  • Feature Add new default bookmark on first application launch
  • Bugfix Default keyboard shortcuts for input fields (macOS)
  • Bugfix Mounted drive not visible to some applications (Windows)
  • Bugfix Failure uploading files (OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Saving files from Microsoft Project (Windows)
  • Bugfix Saving files from Libre Office (Windows)

Version 2.0.2 22 Sep 2017

  • Bugfix Interoperability with High Sierra (macOS)
  • Bugfix Default keyboard shortcuts for windows and buttons (macOS)
  • Bugfix Interoperability improvements
  • Bugfix Failure uploading large files (OneDrive)
  • Bugfix Mounted drive not visible to some applications (Windows)

Version 2.0.1 07 Sep 2017

  • Bugfix Upgrade license check failure for some users

Version 2.0.0 Paid Upgrade
07 Sep 2017

Please upgrade your license before updating. Existing customers get an upgrade discount between 40% to 100% depending on the date of purchase.

Press Release

  • Feature Support for transparent client-side encryption using Cryptomator interoperable vaults
  • Feature Create and browse encrypted vaults interopable with Cryptomator
  • Feature Mount local file system to access Cryptomator vaults on your harddisk
  • Feature Info panel available through context menu in Finder (macOS) and Explorer (Windows)
    • Change permissions of files in Info panel (FTP, SFTP)
    • Change ACLs of files in Info panel (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2)
    • Change metadata of files in Info panel (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, OpenStack Swift, Google Drive, WebDAV)
    • Change CDN options of files in Info panel (Amazon CloudFront)
    • Change storage class of files in Info panel (Amazon S3)
    • Change transfer acceleration status for buckets in Info panel (Amazon S3)
    • Change default server side encryption (SSE-S3, SSE-KMS) for buckets in Info panel (Amazon S3)
    • Change lifecycle configuration for buckets in Info panel (Amazon S3)
  • Feature Support for Microsoft OneDrive
  • Feature Cache
  • Feature Register protocol handler for sftp://, ftp://, ftps://, dav://, davs:// and s3:// schemes (Windows)
  • Feature German Localization
  • Feature Spanish Localization
  • Feature French Localization

Version 1.9.9 08 Aug 2017

  • Bugfix Performance issues due to missing files in directory cache

Version 1.9.8 31 Jul 2017

  • Bugfix Failure copying or saving files after delete

Version 1.9.7 26 Jul 2017

  • Bugfix Receipt validation failure (Mac App Store)

Version 1.9.6 26 Jul 2017

  • Bugfix Preserve content type when overwriting files (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Missing connect failure alert (macOS)
  • Bugfix Read only option in bookmark settings not saved (macOS)

Version 1.9.5 29 Jun 2017

  • Bugfix Failure loading login prompt (macOS)

Version 1.9.4 28 Jun 2017

  • Feature Preliminary support for Microsoft OneDrive
  • Bugfix Failure opening application (Mac, Windows)

Version 1.9.3 28 Jun 2017

  • Feature Group protocols by type in bookmark window
  • Bugfix Failure renaming folder (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Missing bookmark in status bar menu (macOS)
  • Bugfix Failure saving PDF from Adobe Acrobat (Windows)
  • Bugfix Missing context menu items clicking on empty space (Windows)
  • Bugfix Long delay for context menu in Explorer to show (Windows)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with xplorer2 (Windows)
  • Bugfix "Favorites" item added to Finder sidebar regardless of canceled connection (macOS)
  • Bugfix Always trust invalid certificate setting not remembered (Windows)
  • Bugfix Unable to rename files larger than 5 GB (S3)
  • Bugfix Handle expired authentication token (Backblaze B2)

Version 1.9.1 31 May 2017

  • Bugfix Interoperability and performance improvements
  • Feature Preferences Window
    • Allow to update to beta builds
    • Toggle automatic software update
    • Toggle use of system proxy settings
    • Toggle login item (macOS)
    • Toggle use of login keychain for passwords
    • Set default bucket location (Amazon S3)
    • Set default storage class (Amazon S3)
    • Set default server side encryption (Amazon S3)
  • Bugfix Repeated login prompt (2-Factor Authentication SFTP)
  • Bugfix Invalid references to previously mounted volumes in Finder sidebar favourites (macOS)

Version 1.9.0 18 Apr 2017

  • Feature Support for Backblaze B2
  • Bugfix Trashed files included in directory listing (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with PROPFIND for listing folders (WebDAV)

Version 1.8.3 03 Apr 2017

  • Bugfix Revert disabled update check (macOS)
  • Bugfix Fix repeated error alerts

Version 1.8.2 03 Apr 2017

  • Bugfix Many empty folders in temporary file location
  • Bugfix Application crash after opening many folders on mounted volume

Version 1.8.1 14 Mar 2017

  • Bugfix First two bookmark items missing in menu (macOS)

Version 1.8.0 14 Mar 2017

  • Feature Support transfer acceleration (S3)
  • Feature Display files in "Shared with me" folder (Google Drive)
  • Feature Open taskbar menu with keyboard (Windows)
  • >Bugfix Fix registration of login item (macOS)
  • >Bugfix NTLM authentication failure for uploads (Sharepoint)
  • >Bugfix Selected client certificate cleared from bookmark after opening connection
  • >Bugfix Cannot select SSH private key to bookmark (Windows)
  • >Bugfix Drastically reduced memory usage (macOS)
  • >Bugfix Authentication failure when using PAM (iRODS)
  • >Bugfix Editor freezes when saving file (Windows)

Version 1.7.2 16 Feb 2017

  • Bugfix Fix Updater crash (Windows)

Version 1.7.1 14 Feb 2017

  • Bugfix Missing context menu items in Finder Extension (macOS)
  • Bugfix Faster display of directory listings (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Fix moving folders (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Run with multiple users on Terminal Server (Windows)

Version 1.7.0 07 Feb 2017

  • Feature New user interface based on the Windows Presentation Foundation (Windows)
  • Feature Improved connection pooling using single SSH connection for concurrently executing tasks (SFTP)
  • Feature Improved connection pooling using single shared connection pool for concurrently executing tasks (HTTP)
  • Feature Choose certificate in bookmark panel for mutual authentication with TLS (WebDAV)
  • Feature Choose SSH private key from list in bookmark panel and login prompt (SFTP)
  • Feature Choose region when creating new container (S3)
  • Feature Choose region when creating new container (OpenStack Swift)
  • Bugfix Fix failures copying files (iRODS)
  • Bugfix Ignore failures copying .DS_Store files (Dropbox)
  • Bugfix Custom drive letter setting disregarded (Windows)

Version 1.6.3 14 Nov 2016

  • Bugfix Directory listing inconsistency while editing file
  • Bugfix Failure assigning drive letter (Windows)

Version 1.6.2 04 Nov 2016

  • Bugfix Failure requesting expired trial license (Windows)
  • Feature Support OpenSSH unencrypted private key format for ed25519 keys (SFTP)
  • Feature Allow execution of programs on mounted volume (macOS)
  • Bugfix Timeout error copying files (Azure Blob Storage)
  • Bugfix Ignore failures copying .DS_Store files (Dropbox)
  • Feature Lookup of password for encrypted private key in keychain (SFTP)

Version 1.6.1 26 Oct 2016

  • Bugfix All embedded assemblies are cryptographically signed (Windows)
  • Bugfix Paginate directory listings (Dropbox)
  • Bugfix Working with GIT repositories on mounted volumes

Version 1.6.0 20 Oct 2016

  • Feature Support for Dropbox
  • Feature Bookmark importer for NetDrive 2 (Windows)
  • Feature Allow to set application the default system wide protocol handler for FTP and SFTP URLs

Version 1.5.8 07 Oct 2016

  • Bugfix Remote host closed connection during handshake (Google Drive)
  • Bugfix Free space reported as 0B for volume (ownCloud, Nextcloud)
  • Feature Add bookmark from context menu for selected folder

Version 1.5.7 08 Sep 2016

  • Bugfix Directories displayed as empty files (Windows)
  • Bugfix Crash importing bookmarks from ExpanDrive (Windows)

Version 1.5.5 07 Sep 2016

  • Bugfix Saving files from Atom Editor
  • Bugfix Saving files from Emacs Editor

Version 1.5.4 30 Aug 2016

  • Bugfix Cleanup temporary files on application exit
  • Bugfix Saving files from Adobe Photoshop
  • Bugfix Saving files from Adobe Illustrator

Version 1.5.3 24 Aug 2016

  • Bugfix Prompt to insert Smart Card when connecting to TLS secured site (Windows)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Minio (S3)
  • Bugfix Repeated prompt to select private key for authentication (App Store) (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Repeated prompt for changed host key fingerprint (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Fix context menu item for root folder of mounted volume
  • Bugfix Set minimum system requirement for Finder Extension to 10.11

Version 1.5.0 17 Aug 2016

  • Bugfix Much improved reliability with large file transfers (macOS)
  • Feature Extension for Finder (macOS)
  • Feature Extension for File Explorer (Windows)
  • Feature Context menu in Finder and File Explorer to copy & open URLs for selected files
  • Feature Context menu in Finder and File Explorer to open PuTTY terminal for selected directory (SFTP)
  • Feature Context menu in to refresh folder (Mac Finder Extension)
  • Feature Open and save files from Microsoft Word (macOS)
  • Feature Open and save files from Microsoft Excel (macOS)
  • Feature Open and save files from Microsoft Powerpoint (macOS)
  • Feature Operation timed out error message attempting to mount SFTP volume (macOS)
  • Feature Interoperability with Minio Cloud Storage (S3)
  • Feature Interoperability with Carbon Copy Cloner (macOS)
  • Feature Default to signature version AWS4 when connecting to third party S3 providers

Version 1.4.8 22 Jul 2016

  • Bugfix Connection failure to OpenStack Swift (macOS)

Version 1.4.7 22 Jul 2016

  • Bugfix Partial directory listings
  • Bugfix Too many open connections for read and write operations

Version 1.4.6 26 Jul 2016

  • Feature Available space on mounted disk (Windows)
  • Feature Allow silent application update in background (macOS)

Version 1.4.5 04 Jul 2016

  • Bugfix Interoperability with nginx (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Atlassian Confluence (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Wrong target for symbolic links (macOS)
  • Bugfix Automount with multiple connections after restart (Windows)

Version 1.4.4 27 Jun 2016

  • Bugfix Concurrency for drive letter assignment on restart (Windows)
  • Bugfix Fixed icons in bookmark menu (Windows)
  • Bugfix Signed application executable (Windows)
  • Bugfix Error importing bookmarks from third party applications (Windows)
  • Bugfix Potential endless retry on connection failures
  • Bugfix Workaround failure reading quota (WebDAV)

Version 1.4.3 21 Jun 2016

  • Feature Display correct disk usage (SFTP, OpenStack Swift, WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Retain ACLs when overwriting files (S3)

Version 1.4.2 08 Jun 2016

  • Feature Support authenticating with multiple accounts (Google Drive)

Version 1.4.1 06 Jun 2016

  • Bugfix Receipt Validation in Mac App Store (macOS)

Version 1.4.0 03 Jun 2016

  • Feature Support for Google Drive
  • Feature Add option to mount volume as read-only filesystem
  • Feature Allow selection of PuTTY installation location (Windows)
  • Bugfix Unable to negotiate acceptable set of security parameters (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Atlassian Confluence (WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Interoperability with Oracle Cloud (OpenStack Swift)
  • Bugfix Improved connection management for interoperability with servers limiting the number of connections (FTP)
  • Feature Support for hubiC (OVH) (OpenStack Swift)

Version 1.3.2 27 Apr 2016

  • Bugfix Ignore failures when updating modification date fails (Windows)

Version 1.3.1 22 Apr 2016

  • Bugfix Fix authentication using NTLM (Sharepoint, WebDAV)
  • Bugfix Fix connections with IPv6
  • Bugfix Retry transfer for 421 error reply from server with a delay (FTP)
  • Feature Option to sort bookmarks in menu

Version 1.2.2 23 Mar 2016

  • Bugfix Disable updater when missing admin privilege (Windows)
  • Bugfix Certificate trust verification failure for four level domains (WebDAV)

Version 1.2.1 01 Mar 2016

  • Bugfix Fix use of unlimited strength cryptography for strong ciphers (SFTP) (#9325)

Version 1.2.0 29 Feb 2016

  • Bugfix Always set mountpoint to security group container application support directory
  • Bugfix Fix performance issue reading partial files (WebDAV)

Version 1.1.0 17 Feb 2016

  • Bugfix Write updated permissions on server
  • Bugfix Write updated timestamps on server
  • Bugfix Allow disconnect when filesystem is busy
  • Feature Option to install trial key for unlimited use for two weeks

Version 1.0 28 Jan 2016

We are excited to announce the release of Mountain Duck. Based on the solid open source foundation of Cyberduck, Mountain Duck allows to mount remote volumes in Finder on OS X and File Explorer on Windows. Access remote files just like on a local disk and edit them with your preferred applications.

All major protocols are supported to connect to just about any server or cloud storage including WebDAV, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack Swift, FTP and SFTP.

A minimalistic user interface in the system status bar allows to quickly mount remove volumes. Bookmarks are shared with Cyberduck if installed.

Contrary to other solutions, installation on OS X requires no adminstrator privileges and zero system extensions.

Mountain Duck is available for purchase for Mac and Windows from and the Mac App Store.

  • FeatureAdd "Reload in Finder" menu item for bookmark to refresh folder contents
  • FeatureAdd crash reporter
  • Bugfix Consume less system resources with shared thread pool
  • Bugfix Fix performance issue listing large folder contents
  • Bugfix Fix external file modification warning when saving from some applications
  • Feature Enable iRODS protocol support
  • Bugfix Mount volumes in /Volumes when not running in sandboxed environment
  • Bugfix Fix case sensitivity for filenames
  • Bugfix Enable SSH keep-alive requests
  • Feature Local cache for reads of files open for write
  • Bugfix Prevent sleep while transfer is in progress
  • Bugfix Incremental directory listings to avoid blocking Finder
  • Bugfix Better performance reading and writing files
  • Bugfix Writing extended attributes for files
  • Bugfix Fix overwriting file in directory not previously listed
  • Feature Write symbolic links (SFTP)
  • Bugfix Update check when opening application and with periodic interval
  • Bugfix Always remove sidebar favorite items on application quit
  • Feature Add mounted volumes to favourites in sidebar
  • Bugfix Fix failure with editors truncating file before write
  • Bugfix "Connect" Button in bookmark window
  • Bugfix "Delete" Button in bookmark window
  • Bugfix Fix save from applications that use a temporary file
  • Bugfix Change mount directory to use nickname of bookmark
  • Bugfix Change mountpoint to security application group directory
  • Bugfix Fixes for partial read and writes
  • Bugfix Check for updates on application launch
  • Bugfix Connection timeouts when closing streams (FTP)
  • Bugfix Errors in when uploading files
  • Bugfix Option to disconnect and unmount volumes from error alert when connectivity is no longer available
  • Bugfix Notifications on mount and unmount
  • Bugfix Error choosing “Show in Explorer”